The future is so Brightteen

Like all the girls at the House of Gear, Bright has a higher purpose: to be, like, awesome. This means Bright’s engineered body must always look perfect. It means she must be appealing at all times. The personal support staff are watching, after all.

One of them, Grassly, is on a mission that will lead Bright toward “enlightenment” and a new future while exposing her to incredible danger. If the other P.S. staff catch even a whiff of rebelliousness, they may decide it’s time to reboot the entire population—just as Bright is discovering a whole new purpose within herself.

Susan Juby brings her trademark humour to dystopian and sci-fi worlds in this electrifying new addition to the genres.

Praise for Bright's Light

Sunburst Award Jury

“Slyly clever and unabashedly entertaining, Bright’s Light will have you laughing out loud; but don’t be fooled. The novel has much to say about where our contemporary preoccupations with looks, fashion, status, and mindless entertainment might lead, and is one of the most original YA reads you'll ever see. A pointed, hilarious and yet affectionate satire on popular culture.”

CM Magazine

“With its utterly original and wackily outrageous premise, Susan Juby’s latest offering treats readers to the offbeat humour that they have come to expect from her in a tale that is unlike anything else she has written.”

Quill and Quire

“The novel’s greatest strength is unarguably Juby’s tongue-in-cheek (and often laugh-out-loud) humour, as well as her extremely detailed descriptions of post-apocalyptic Earth.”

The Toronto Star

“a kind of combination of M.T. Anderson’s Feed and Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens… a biting, hyperbolic imagining of the culture of youth, fashion and fun”

Mabels Fables, Raves and Faves

“Susan Juby deserves some sort of medal for her wonky and wonderful imagination and incredible ability to jump between genres so flawlessly. This novel is a very smart, very funny, and very original … a sort of Brave New World from the perspective of the cloned, drugged out, party lovers, totally spoofing the sci-fi classics… This book is for readers who enjoy Sci-fi, and have the ability to revel in tongue-and-cheek wit… as well as social commentary about the insanity of human nature itself.”